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Translating to Soft Tissue:
Mechanical engineers help with knee injuries by developing computational models to characterize ligaments.


Farming Goes 3-Dimensional:
Vertical farming offers opportunities to grow more crops on a smaller footprint, especially in urban areas. It also presents unique educational opportunities.


Conor Walsh:
Pioneering soft exoskeletons

Advertising in Progressive Engineer

Published only on the Internet, Progressive Engineer magazine covers all disciplines of engineering in a personal, easy-to-read style that shows the fun in engineering and promotes sustainability. Profiles of engineers, feature articles on projects and companies, and profiles of companies comprise our editorial content. We strive to include our advertisers in our editorial mix, and this means more publicity for your company. A new story is posted on our website monthly. Our website also serves as an information resource with directories of engineering firms, schools, organizations, and licensing offices.

When you buy an ad or listing with us, you not only receive the immediate benefits of that, you also join a cause that will benefit the engineering profession in the long run. In helping us publicize the accomplishments of forward-thinking engineers, you'll help improve the image of engineers, educate outsiders about the profession, raise standards of engineering journalism, and ensure that we don't run short of engineers in future generations.

Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions. Unlike with those other big websites, you'll actually correspond with a human being. We'll be glad to work with you and welcome you into the Progressive Engineer family.

We offer several ways to get your message out:

* Engineering Firm Directory listing
* Banner advertising
* Online Engineering Education Programs
directory listing

Getting Listed in the Engineering Firm Directory
or the Sustainability Firm Directory

Progressive Engineer maintains comprehensive directories of consulting engineering firms and sustainability-related companies, each covering all states in the continental U.S. We endeavor to create the most complete and easy-to-use directories anywhere. Wešre well on our way, but you can help the effort by getting listed if your firm is not already in it. This is one of the most popular sections of our website. Our flexible pricing for the directories covers you whether your firm has a single office in one state or branches in multiple states. Engineering firms involved in sustainability-related areas can be listed in both directories for the same price as one. We now have our Searchable Database covering both directories, and the purchase of any type of listing puts your firm in that.

Basic Listing

This is a text-only listing with hotlinks to your website and e-mail addresses. Send us the information you want listed (usually company name, city, state, phone number, e-mail address, web address, and any branch offices and their contact information). For engineering firms, indicate the category of engineering that fits you best.

Cost: $60 per year for a single state, $6 per year for each additional state up to $120 maximum.

Select Listing

This makes your listing stand out. You get a paragraph (up to 75 words) describing your firmšs services and your company logo added to your listing along with a border around it. E-mail us the same information as for a Basic Listing plus your logo and a descriptive paragraph. To see a couple samples of this, click here and here.

Cost: $100 per year for a single state, $10 per year for each additional state up to $300 maximum.

Sponsor’s Listing

This is the same as the Select Listing but you can post job openings in our Engineeršs Job Market.

Cost: $250 per year for a single state, $25 per year for each additional state up to $750 maximum.

To order any of the three types of listings, e-mail us with the contact information you want listed and tell us what single category to list you under. Include your contact and billing information; we'll invoice you after we post your listing online. Also tell us the states you operate or are licensed in, so we can include that in the searchable database. Please note that in the State-by-State Directory, we only list firms in states where they have offices.

Banner Advertising

Ads are placed on our homepage, the starting point of our website, as well as several other key pages. A maximum of four ads rotate at each ad position.

Sizes available


60 x 468 pixels
(13/16" x 6-1/2")

Half banner

60 x 234 pixels
(13/16" x 3-1/4")


120 x 120 pixels
(1-5/8" x 1-5/8")


60 x 120 pixels
(13/16" x 1-5/8")

Advertising Rates

Banner $400 for 6 months,
$720 per year
Half banner $250 for 6 months,
$460 per year 
Square $250 for 6 months,
$460 per year
Badge $175 for 6 months,
$300 per year


Email us today at tom@progressiveengineer.com to place your ad. Don't forget to include your contact and billing information; we'll invoice you after we post the advertisement.


Getting Listed in the Online Engineering Education Program Directory

The cost is $80 a year. You get a link to your organization's website, so prospects can learn more about your course offerings and degrees. To order a listing, e-mail us with the contact information you want listed, the programs you offer, the URL to link to, and your logo. Include your contact and billing information; we'll invoice you after we post your listing online.

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