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Translating to Soft Tissue:
Mechanical engineers help with knee injuries by developing computational models to characterize ligaments.


Farming Goes 3-Dimensional:
Vertical farming offers opportunities to grow more crops on a smaller footprint, especially in urban areas. It also presents unique educational opportunities.


Conor Walsh:
Pioneering soft exoskeletons

Our Most Popular Stories from Past Issues



Virginia Smart Road: In the countryside near Virginia Tech, a cutting-edge highway serves as a testing ground for vehicle technology. (June/July 2015)

Bright Future at BrightFarms: A NYC-based firm pioneers rooftop hydroponic greenhouses for growing vegetables in urban environments, offering myriad benefits over conventional agriculture. (August/September 2013)

Orange Lead the Way: The Syracuse University Green Data Center uses novel techniques such as trigeneration with microturbines and absorption chillers to reduce energy use. (July/August 2011)

Luxury Goes Green: Greensboro, North Carolina’s Proximity Hotel shows off the city’s textile industry past and its LEED Platinum certification, all in luxury. (September/October 2010)

IGC Superpower: Creating electric power devices that promise huge energy savings and improvements in electrical transmission networks.

Phoenix, Arizona’s new Metro Light Rail system has proven immensely popular with its many modern features. (July/August 2010)

Engineers at EnerDel face the challenge of mass-producing cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. (January/February 2010)

Engineers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory research carbon sequestration as a possible solution to global warming. (October 2009)

Meeting an Important Need In San Diego, the C5 center employs many innovations in helping service members severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan recover and readjust. (July 2009)

Endicott Interconnect Technologies and the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing at Binghamton University have developed roll-to-roll processes for fabricating flexible circuits that may someday become ubiquitous in everyday electronic devices. (April 2009)

At the Stapleton Airport brownfield development site in Colorado, a creek once relegated to culverts now serves as a centerpiece for sustainable communities. (January 2009)

Georgia Tech's Center for Biologically Inspired Design works to decipher the secrets of design from nature in a field known as biomimicry (October 2008)

Zyvex: Zyvex focuses on the semiconductor industry in its quest to revolutionize manufacturing through nanotechnology (July 2008)

Las Vegas Valley Water District powers operations with solar panels (April 2008)

Portland Aerial Tram: An aerial tram in Portland, Oregon carries passengers from downtown to a hilltop campus, reducing commuting time and vehicle miles (January 2008)

Lighting Science Group: Lighting Science Group is pioneering solid state lighting with its environmental advantages in a movement to replace incandescent lighting (October 2007)

Chicago green roofs: Green roofs are sprouting in Chicago as environmental and structural engineers find ways to accommodate them on new and existing buildings (July 2007)

New River bioreactor landfill in Florida extends its life and generates methane (April 2007)

Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona explores uncharted territory in the universe (January 2007)

Compatible Technology International volunteers design equipment for developing countries (October 2006)

Spent limestone mines make ideal space for business parks (January 2006)

Denver Water Recycling Plant gets more out of water (October 2005)

BWI Trail around Baltimore-Washington International Airport links several modes of transportation (September 2005)

John Deere engineers develop precision farming systems using high technology such as GPS (March 2005)



Brie Van Dam: Deep in Alaska, she endures – and even relishes – harsh conditions to research global warming. (March/April 2017)

Doug Neidich: After hitting it big with his own manufacturing company, he becomes a developer to revitalize midtown Harrisburg, PA in a sustainable way. (July/August 2014)

Todd Torrence: Mechanical engineer gets his undergraduate degree online through a unique program at the University of North Dakota and reaps the benefits. (March/April 2014)

John Ebbinghaus: Self-described electromechanical engineer invented electrically conductive paste and markets it through a family business. (January/February 2014)

Tate Rogers: In the developing world, billions of people don’t have access to modern sanitation. This environmental engineering graduate student is filling a niche with a design for emptying pit latrines. (March/April 2013)

Shanon Reckinger: Mechanical engineering professor specializes in ocean modeling at the same time she crusades for women in engineering. (January/February 2013)

Rich McFarland: HVAC technician invents an instrument to test pressure switches in furnaces and goes entrepreneurial with it.
(March/April 2012)

Nick Fenelli: Mechanical engineer heads Vehicle Technologies, a company pioneering a novel omni-directional wheel for forklifts and myriad other applications. (March/April 2012)

Peter Vekilov: Chemical engineering professor’s research leads to curing diseases such as sickle cell anemia. (September/October 2010)

Charlie Camarda: Former astronaut passes on the joy of engineering to students at his alma mater. (March 2010)

Bernard Gordon: Electrical engineer and prolific inventor parlays his entrepreneurial skills into a leadership institute for engineers (November 2009)

Victor Li: Materials engineer develops a new type of concrete that lasts longer and reduces maintenance (September 2009)

Tricia Compas: Civil and environmental engineer takes a worldly approach to helping those in need (May 2009)

Alan Thiele: Mechanical engineer becomes a patent attorney (February 2009)

Colwyn Sayers: Geotechnical engineer inspects bridges by diving underwater (August 2008)

George Gardner: Way Up in the Air (February 2008)

Maynard Hill: Piloted a radio-controlled model aircraft across the Atlantic (February 2007)

Lillian Gilbreth: Pioneering industrial engineer did more than raise a big family (February 2006)

David Friedman: A Safer, More Fuel-Efficient Automobile (September 2005)

Ryan Wotipka: Engineering student designed a wind turbine for an Indian School (August 2005)


Company Profiles

Organovo Applies the 3D printing process used for rapid prototyping in manufacturing to creating human tissues (September/October 2012)

ReRev, Human Dynamo, and the Green Revolution generats electricity from exercise machines (November/December 2011)

RenewABILITY thrives around a novel device that recovers heat from water flowing down the drain (September/October 2011)

StormwateRx focuses on treating industrial stormwater (May/June 2010)

TST uses visioneering and experience design to produce better community development projects. (January 2010)

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest: Construction projects boom, even in the recession (August 2009)

BLR Aerospace:Applies boundary layer phenomena to devices that improve aircraft performance, safety, and fuel efficiency (December 2008)

Princeton Power Systems: Seeking a Clean Wave Form from AC-DC Power Converters (Sept 2008)

Earth Tech: Environmental engineering firm seeks a culture after expanding (March 2008)

HESCO Bastion offers a modular building unit for flood control and many other applications (June 2007)

Calpine: Power company generates electricity using natural gas and geothermal energy (March 2007)

R.W. Beck: Infrastructure engineering firm focuses on business too (December 2006)

Mid-Penn Engineering fosters community development (September 2006)

Jones Edmunds: Engineering firm keeps its roots in water and wastewater (June 2006)

Solarcrete: Hits stride with its insulated concrete wall panel for energy-efficient buildings (March 2006)

Interface Engineering combines MEP engineering with sustainability and green building (October 2005)

Solid Engineering & Design serves up advanced computerized mechanical engineering (2004)



Manufacturing Breakthrough: Siemens 3D prints a turbine blade (September 2017)

Engineers respond to a chemical spill in West Virginia (February 2016)

Fuel-Efficient Trucks Coming Down the Road (July 2015)

Engineering Solutions: Too many solar photovoltaics in Hawaii? (August 2015)


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