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Farming Goes 3-Dimensional:
Vertical farming offers opportunities to grow more crops on a smaller footprint, especially in urban areas. It also presents unique educational opportunities.


Conor Walsh:
Pioneering soft exoskeletons


Brie Van Dam:
Deep in Alaska, she endures and even relishes harsh conditions to research global warming

Design Synergies
Green Build Partnership

2820 Mexico Rd.
Milton, PA

Is green building on your horizon?

In recent years, we have seen the green building movement gain momentum, as many organizations are getting their new and renovated buildings LEED certified, from schools to office buildings. While this is a great start, we have a long way to go in achieving sustainability with our buildings. New techniques, materials, and rating systems are evolving, and initial costs and paybacks are coming down. Green building adds value to your property and will save you big money over its life.

Design Synergies is an eclectic group of green building experts covering central Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. We can guide you through the green building maze and come up with the ultimate design to help you become more sustainable. Whether you seek a net-zero-energy building, a wetlands to minimize stormwater runoff, a graywater and rainwater collection system to reduce water use, or a park with walking trails, give us a call to discuss your green building needs. We can assemble a team tailored to your project. Our staff:

Tom Gibson
Milton, PA
Mechanical engineer
Tom Gibson, P.E. Green Building Engineer
After many years working in industry as a machine design and facilities engineer, he now turns his attention to renewable energy, water systems, and using recycled and salvaged materials for buildings. As a writer, he has researched many areas of sustainability-related technology, so the more cutting-edge and innovative it is, the more excited he gets.

Brian Auman
Lewisburg, PA
Landscape architect and community planner
Brian S. Auman Landscape Architecture
When he's not running on the trails, he applies his extensive experience to civic projects such as greenways, watersheds, and rail trails.

Don Mulhern
Lewisburg, PA
LEED and Living Building Challenge certification expert
Integrated Eco Strategy
With a civil engineering background, he now focuses mainly on materials compliance for the Living Building Challenge Red List. And he likes the idea of net-zero buildings.

Mike Molesevich
Lewisburg, PA
Environmental consultant
Molesevich Environmental
This former mayor of Lewisburg handles brownfield site remediation, including removal of underground storage tanks and restoring land to meet PA Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards.

Stacy Richards
Lewisburg, PA
Energy expert
Works with public and private clients to develop the region as a center for efficient and renewable energy technology and expertise, enhancing the economy and reducing energy-related costs.

Glenn Vernon and Claudia Albertin
Logan Mills, PA
AlbertinVernon Architecture
Living in an old village they're restoring, complete with a water mill and covered bridge, gives them a unique perspective in designing sustainable buildings.

Ted Strosser
Danville, PA
Strosser Architecture & Conservation
Blending new green building techniques with traditional practices, he specializes in historic preservation with his signature project being the Campus Theatre renovation in Lewisburg.

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