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Translating to Soft Tissue:
Mechanical engineers help with knee injuries by developing computational models to characterize ligaments.


Farming Goes 3-Dimensional:
Vertical farming offers opportunities to grow more crops on a smaller footprint, especially in urban areas. It also presents unique educational opportunities.


Conor Walsh:
Pioneering soft exoskeletons


What They're Saying
About Progressive Engineer

You're doing a great job with your site ... I frequently forward article URLs to friends and family.

Gavin Rumble
Solid Engineering
Lexington, NC

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the writing you did on me. It was very thorough, and I felt you truly captured me. I did not realize how far your publication is read. I have received messages from around the world from friends I have not heard from in ten years. Thank you for the exposure, and I will continue to pass on the link to your site. Oh, I have received requests for services too.

Margaret Kubilins, PE
Kubilins Transportation Group
Newport News, VA

I just found your site, and I love it! My firm is new to the marketplace, and I would like to be listed in your directory.

Brett Mitchell, P.E.
Mitchell Engineering
Newnan, GA

Thanks very much for the great profile of our firm. I think the article came out really well. We really appreciate the time you took to get some of the character of our partnership across to the reader. Best of luck with your magazine and all your future endeavors.

Jim Kelsey, P.E.
kW Engineering
Oakland, CA

I was very excited, first to see the words "progressive" and "engineer" together -- not only in the same paragraph or phrase, but linked into one title and web address. I hope to learn more from your site, which I am about to explore. This has really made my day. Thanks for your vision -- it is right on target with me.

Nina Choudhary

Great Website and resource. Thanks for profiling one of New England's best, Drew Gillette!

Christopher Derby Kilfoyle

Being listed with Progressive Engineer's Sponsor's Listing has given us more immediate exposure in the environmental and geotechnical engineering community, particularly to those seeking employment with our firm. Progressive Engineer has been very timely in posting or editing our job openings, resulting in a significant amount of inquiries and resumes to choose from. Thanks for your assistance.

Marco Fellin, P.E.
Maxim Technologies
Missoula, MT

The article you wrote on us is great. You did a superior job, and we are deeply grateful.
Thanks a million.

Joe Longo
Longo Industries
Wharton, NJ

I just took a peek at the magazine and wanted to say congratulations on such a great magazine. Your article on precision farming caught my attention. It was good reading some of the articles. Thanks for your magazine.

Dr. Ramesh Varahamurti
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
California State University - Chico

Thanks for the link to your magazine. It is bookmarked in my browser and will be checked regularly.

William Bushman
Virginia Transportation Research Council

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the profile. I thought the article came out well. It's so rare that I don't get misquoted or that things don't get misrepresented. I've spread the word to my colleagues, so hopefully you'll gain some new readership. Thanks for the visibility. Keep up the good work.

Bruce Underwood
NASA/GSFC/Wallops Flight Facility
Wallops Island, VA

I never told you how much I appreciated the profile of me you wrote. I had envisioned a paragraph or two, but you published my entire life story! I thought it was very well written!

Pat Miley Rehberg

I enjoyed the article about Drew (I went to Lehigh with him). I also enjoyed several of the humor listings. I will be adding your publication to my list of "read frequently" sites. Thanks.

Jim Swain
Mechanical Solutions
Synergis Technologies

I would like to find out how we go about having our firm listed in your Engineering Firm Directory. I work for an engineering firm in New York, as does my husband. Your website is great and contains very helpful information.

Laurene Hofmann
IBC Engineering, P.C.

Thanks for following up. FYI, I acquired a new client who read the profile in your publication.

Rebecca A. Bowman, Esq., P.E.

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