The American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois (ACEC-IL) has honored Baxter & Woodman and the Village of Glenview, IL with an Engineering Excellence 2016 Merit Award. Baxter & Woodman, a civil engineering firm, won praise for construction engineering of the $10 million Harms Road Regional Stormwater Project. “It has been exciting and rewarding to oversee the construction engineering on this important regional flood reduction project that has created so many obvious wins,” explains Baxter & Woodman project manager Christopher Buckley, P.E., BCEE.

The system design protects village residents from river backflows while allowing local storm flows to drain at the same time. The project included new 54-inch and 84-inch storm relief sewers, three innovative backflow preventers within the storm flow diversion chambers, and two high-capacity stormwater pumping stations with backup generators. Since one of the pumping stations was located within Cunliff Park, owned by the Glenview Park District, the project evolved into a partnership between the village and the park district to install the required flood protection measures and renovate the park at the same time. The project illustrated how the combined efforts of multiple stakeholders can achieve results beneficial to many constituents.

“ACEC-IL looks closely at four criteria to judge award winning projects — exceeding client expectations; social, economic, or sustainable design consideration; originality; and complexity — so we are thrilled to be selected for an award,” says Baxter & Woodman’s vice president and COO Lou Haussmann, P.E. “Although we have been providing engineering services for almost 70 years, this kind of recognition and the opportunity to collaborate with a client like the Village of Glenview is always an honor,” he adds.