Chandler/May, an integrator of unmanned systems and command

and control computing systems, announced they have acquired a

controlling share of AeroMech Engineering, an engineering services

and manufacturing firm supporting the unmanned aircraft systems

(UAS) market.

AeroMech Engineering, located in San Luis Obispo, CA,

provides engineering services in the areas of aeronautical,

mechanical, and manufacturing as well as metallic and

composite fabrication services. As a manufacturing support

contractor to major primes, AeroMech has delivered over 1000

fully autonomous UAS’s of varying types ranging from a 4-pound

battery powered aircraft to a 150-pound jet-powered aircraft,

as well as many components of UAS and military command and

control applications, including payloads, targets, and

software systems.

Based in Huntsville, AL, Chandler/May (

designs, integrates, and manufactures tactical computing and

electronic systems for military and rugged applications,

including the integration of high-end processing systems

into tactical shelters and other rugged enclosures.

“AeroMech Engineering’s significant engineering and

production capability completes our offering and makes

Chandler/May a full-service provider in nearly every aspect

of the UAS market, including ground stations, payloads, and

airframes,” said Jay Chandler, co-founder and Sr. Vice

President of Chandler/May, Inc. “They also bring a

substantial software production capability to our company and

significant intellectual property.”