Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) recently announced the appointment of Maureen Roskoski as corporate sustainability officer. This appointment coincides with the implementation of a corporate sustainability policy that formalizes FEA’s commitment to operating in a sustainable manner. With an emphasis on the built environment, FEA has helped its clients deal with the challenges of sustainability in millions of square feet of facilities nationwide over its 18-year history.

FEA has committed to operating as a sustainable company by reducing its carbon footprint, managing its resources more effectively, and providing services to clients that allow them to operate their facilities more efficiently, using fewer natural resources while maximizing the health, safety, and productivity of their workplaces.

Jim Whittaker, president of FEA, says, “Maureen brings a wealth of experience in LEED, sustainability strategic planning, and overall sustainable facility operations. She has worked with hundreds of clients around the country in developing strategic sustainability and energy management plans and helping facilities achieve LEED certification. She also shares her passion and personal interest through teaching others. Maureen teaches sustainability workshops through George Mason University and International Facility Management Association.”

As a nationally based consulting engineering firm, FEA specializes in existing facilities, and the firm’s services help extend the life cycle of facilities. FEA is headquartered in Washington, DC and has additional offices in Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; and San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit www.feapc.com.