President of Kipcon Inc. Mitchell Frumkin, PE, RS, CGP and Managing Partner of Energy Squared Allan Samuels, LEED AP spoke at a Half Moon educational seminar called “Economics of Green Building” recently at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Somerset, NJ.  This one day course for architects, engineers, and contractors covered the basics of green building economics, including water and energy conservation techniques.    
Frumkin first explained the basic economics of green building by showing how to use the first-cost and life-cycle-cost methods of calculating expenses to determine which green options will have the greatest return on investment.  “By plotting out a 30-year cost projection that includes initial replacement costs along with ongoing maintenance and energy costs,” Frumkin explained, “one can see and compare the possible savings of various energy efficient upgrades.”  
Samuels went into great detail about the initial costs and ongoing savings of energy efficient heating and cooling systems, discussing multi-stage options and the importance of correctly sizing the equipment for the job.  Similarly, he talked about the cost savings associated with energy efficient lighting designs and controls, with particular emphasis on the benefits of daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and dimming capabilities.  “Despite all the technological leaps that allow us to save energy on lighting,” Samuels said, “simply turning the lights off remains the best way to reduce lighting costs.” 
To conclude the economics of green building presentation, Samuels described modeling and simulations, a software process that allows building owners and managers to accurately calculate future energy costs and savings.  To further discuss how to maximize return on investment, Frumkin talked about green incentives, tax credits, and certifications.  Overall, the presentation offered by Frumkin and Samuels at the Half Moon Economics of Green Building seminar showed attendees how to get the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to going green.

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