Merritt Engineering, a New York-based veteran-owned small business (VOSB) firm specializing in building envelope restoration and structural design, celebrates 30 years of business. Founded by Charles Merritt, P.E. in 1986, after serving as JC Penny’s chief construction engineer and having gained over 30 years of structural design experience, Merritt set out to provide a quality engineering consulting service to building owners and managers throughout New York City.

The firm quickly built a reputation, as Mr. Merritt and his team assisted numerous facility owners and managers in restoring and maintaining their buildings’ exteriors. Over the last three decades, the firm has performed thousands of building inspections, condition surveys, and exterior rehabilitation projects throughout the NYC Metro Area as well as the entire United States.

Today, the company has 30 employees and offices in New York and Florida, working on highly visible, multi-million dollar restoration projects for commercial, residential, healthcare, and educational properties. Merritt continues to expand its services and markets while staying on the forefront of ever-changing technology and industry standards.

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