Established in 1986, Merritt Engineering Consultants specializes in building restoration and structural design and has experience in façade restorations, roofing and waterproofing, historic/landmark preservation, design/rehabilitations, and construction administration. Based in Bayside, NY, they handle properties throughout the United States including commercial, residential, healthcare, government, and educational facilities.

Below are two articles from their latest newsletter, which they dub the Latest News in Building Restoration.

Getting the biggest bang for your buck
When it comes to restoring your building, the road to cost savings may be different than you think. 
Building Owners and Property Managers have one thing in common with all consumers – when purchasing a product or service, they want to get the most value out of their investment. For this reason, it’s important to strategically plan when necessary repair work on your building is conducted. Say for example, you are resorting your building’s facade. To save on costs, you may opt to only do the bare minimum, patching over cracks or addressing only those items listed in your Facade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) report.

While this approach may seem most economical, an important factor often overlooked is the fact that the cost for things like scaffolds and sidewalk bridges must be absorbed by the building owner and shareholders, regardless of how much work they opt to do. Therefore, when a board or owner tries to save money by spreading necessary repair work over several years or stages, the costs of reinstalling scaffolds, sidewalk bridges, and filing for permits year after year can really add up – making it much more costly in the end. For that reason, it is best to conduct as much of the necessary maintenance work as possible while the scaffolds and sidewalk sheds are already in place.

Florida 40-Year Recertification – Structural & Electrical Elements
In a previous issue, we touched upon the importance of completing your building’s 40-Year Recertification inspection, and now we’re back to address specific filing questions.

Q: Who can perform the mandatory inspection and then file the form?
A: A Florida Registered Architect or Engineer.

Q: Which building components are the qualified professionals looking at?
A: Building Envelope and Structural elements as well electrical building systems.

Q: What are the possible classifications?
A: Either “Repairs Required”, or “Safe, if no deficiencies are found.

Q: How often does an Owner have to file?
A: You have 180 days to address the deficiencies noted or, if classified as “Safe”, the next inspection is due in 10 years.
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