Progressive Engineer magazine has recently posted a new feature article on the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC., the first hotel in the country to achieve LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Its designers tell how they developed it, integrating the area’s textile industry heritage, and embarked on a program to monitor and verify energy use.
Publisher and Editor Tom Gibson announces that the online magazine has also introduced two new pages to its website in recent months. One describes how engineering firms operate and how to select one if you seek engineering services. “This complements our Engineering Firm Directory and can assist those using it.” The other is a directory of online and distance engineering education programs, which those looking to further their education can use in attaining an engineering degree or meeting requirements for continuing education. “Such programs have become increasingly popular as engineers strive to advance their education while staying on the job and continuing their career and raising a family. Online programs allow them to do this.”
Gibson also adds that the magazine has changed its editorial approach slightly. “Previously, we operated according to a regimented, systematic editorial criteria and schedule that assured subject and geographic diversity with a new posting every month. Now we’re taking more of a roving freelance approach and seeking out the best stories about engineers with cool jobs, wherever and whatever they may be. Stay tuned to”