Schnabel Engineering of Glen Allen, Virginia announces the opening of its Raleigh, North Carolina, office. The office will provide all of Schnabel’s services, with local personnel having extensive geotechnical and environmental engineering experience. Nigel Miller, PE, an associate with the firm, will manage the office. He has more than 15 years of experience in transportation, energy, and infrastructure projects, including work for North Carolina Department of Transportation, Progress Energy, and major universities in the area.
Miller has experience on highway bridges, roadway pavements, airport runways, retaining structures, highrise buildings, earth dams, energy transmission lines, and large-diameter pipelines. He has managed, reviewed, and performed design and construction phase engineering duties for projects with technical challenges such as soft soils, deep excavations, high seismic loads, landslides, dewatering, corrosion, and rock excavation.

Schnabel also announces the opening of its first New York State (NYS) office and the hiring of Dr. Gregory Daviero, PE as a principal engineer and Kevin Ruswick, CFM, PE as an associate engineer.

Schnabel’s NYS office is located in the Capital District region, approximately 20 miles north of Albany in Clifton Park, New York.  The office will provide dam engineering services, with local personnel having extensive NYS experience and specializing in dam and water resources engineering.  Schnabel’s geotechnical, geostructural, and tunnel engineering services will also be available to our NYS clients. 
The office will be managed by Dr. Gregory Daviero who for over 20 years has applied his expertise to a wide range of water resource engineering, hydraulic design, and hydraulic and hydrologic analyses for the benefit of state, federal, municipal, and industrial clients. A resident of Niskayuna, New York, Dr. Daviero has an A.S. in Mathematics and Science from Hudson Valley Community College, a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Hydraulics and Water Resources from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Daviero is joined by Ruswick who has 18 years of experience in water resources and dam engineering.  He provides a combination of education and experience in all phases of water resources related projects and proficiency in state-of-the-art hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.  A resident of Clifton Park, New York, Ruswick earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University and an M.S. in Water Resources Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.  

Lachel & Associates, a subsidiary of Schnabel Engineering, welcomes Kumar Bhattarai, PE to the firm. Bhattarai brings 18 years of experience in design, risk assessment, project management, and procurement management for tunnel and large infrastructure projects in the United States, Canada, Russia, and the Far East.  His experience includes work on many phases of transportation, rail, and water/wastewater tunnel projects, including the Washington Dulles International Airport Automated People Mover System; the Canada Line Rapid Transit Public Private Partnership (P-3) project; railway and highway tunnel projects between Adler and Krasnaya (Sochi), Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics; and the Westside CSO tunnel project in Portland, Oregon.
Bhattarai has served as design engineer, design manager, resident engineer, and technical specialist for these complex projects. He has provided concept and feasibility studies, preliminary and final design, constructability reviews, cost estimates, design reports, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, engineering support during construction, and construction inspection and management. Bhattarai received his Master’s degree from the University of Hong Kong and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas, Washington, and British Columbia.  He is based in Lachel’s Dallas, Texas, office.

Schnabel’s Rockville, Maryland office announces the promotion of Dr. Mohammed Nasim, P.E. to senior associate of the firm. Nasim is the Operations and Business Development Manager for Schnabel’s geostructural group in the Maryland office.
Nasim has field, project engineering, and management experience for a variety of projects in the United States, Far East, and Southeast Asia. He specializes in numerical modeling of soil behavior, slope stability, recycled materials, geosynthetic application, ground improvement, geostructural analyses and design, shallow and deep foundations, and groundwater management. He has performed site-specific seismic hazard assessments for variety of projects, including dams, waterfront structures, embankments and bridges, commercial buildings/stadiums, and U.S. government buildings abroad. Nasim has also worked on several research projects with concentration on soil behavior and soil-structure interactions under static and dynamic loading. 

An employee-owned company, Schnabel employs more than 300 in offices coast to coast. Schnabel specializes in geotechnical, geostructural, dam, and tunnel engineering as well as environmental, geophysical, geosciences, construction monitoring, and resident engineering services. For more information, visit