James W. Sewall Company has released VirtualAsset Online, a software-as-a-service solution for managing municipal infrastructure assets. With VirtualAsset Online, municipal utilities and public works departments can access the complete suite of CartêGraph asset maintenance management software over the web for a fraction of the cost it takes to install, operate, and maintain the software and support systems in-house. VirtualAsset Online, which interfaces with desktop or mobile devices, requires a current version of the Windows operating system and an Internet Explorer connection, allowing organizations to take advantage of CartêGraph’s powerful toolset on a limited budget.

“VirtualAsset Online,” says Clarence Young, Sewall Senior Project Manager, “extends the power of Sewall’s web-enabled interfaces by providing a standard way for delivering integrated ESRI GIS and Cartegraph asset management software. For customers looking to reduce IT costs associated with asset record maintenance, the services delivered with this solution will provide dramatic returns on the small annual fee.”

Developed in partnership with CartêGraph, VirtualAsset Online joins web, desktop, and mobile technologies in a flexible environment in which solutions are tailored to best fit the needs of the client organization. Although the standard package is designed to support organizations with eight or fewer simultaneous users, the concept is scalable to larger user groups by introducing a Citrix server or similar delivery component.

Founded in 1880, Sewall is an integrated team of geospatial, engineering, and natural resource consultants who partner with clients to create practical, sustainable solutions. The company’s portfolio is based on 130 years’ experience in surveying, forestry consulting, and civil engineering; 60 years’ in aerial mapping; and 20 years’ in geospatial systems and software. In the last 10 years, Sewall’s offerings have expanded to include services in environmental engineering, renewable energy, and web-based technologies.