As told by Bill Roberts, engineer, Roberts Automatic Products:

“About eight months ago, we had a fire in a Davenport screw machine without fire suppression, and the machine burned to the ground.  The fire and equipment were too hot to manage, and the plant was evacuated.  We ended up with one inch of water on the floor throughout the plant.
After this experience and a little influence from our insurance company, the decision was made to add a Stat-X condensed aerosol fire protection system to our replacement Davenport lathe.  The Davenport lathe is a multi-spindle screw machine.  The machine was protected with a detection panel and two Stat-X 250E generators.  During a manned shift, a tool broke and started a fire while the machine was making a stainless steel part, with oil as the coolant.  Once the fire started, the Stat-X fire suppression systems was activated, and the lathe was shutdown.  An employee noticed the event, and by the time they crossed the aisle to the machine, everything was done and the fire was extinguished.  The only damage to the machine was the internal light bulb cover was slightly melted.  The machine was back in production shortly.”

Stat-X fixed systems and Stat-X First Responders are automatic condensed aerosol fire suppression solutions.  These unique, robust generators are UL Listed, eco-friendly (zero ozone depletion, zero atmospheric life, and insignificant global warming potential) and non-toxic, and save lives and protect property for facilities, machinery, vehicles, and industrial sites around the globe.  These units are deployed in tough conditions worldwide, including surface and underground mines, military vehicles, long-haul buses, rolling stock, remote telecom sites, wind turbines, power substations, electrical cabinets, and various marine and off-shore settings.  Capable of being manually, thermally, or electrically activated by industry-standard control panels, Stat-X provides fire suppression solutions to customers around the world.