Editor’s note: See our company profile on StormwateRx in our May/June 2010 issues under Back Issues (www.ProgressiveEngineer.com)

StormwateRx, a provider of industrial stormwater treatment and filtration systems, was honored recently with an Environmental Excellence Award from the Association of Washington Business (AWB). StormwateRx won the 2011 Green Enterprise & Technology Award for the company’s systems that help industrial sites manage and treat stormwater runoff and prevent pollutants from entering local waterways. In addition, StormwateRx customer Seaview Boatyard received an AWB award for Leading Environmental Practices for their implementation of green technologies and practices, including stormwater treatment, that have helped them become one of the most environmentally progressive boatyards in the Northwest.

“Whether it’s organic farming, recycling, or educating the public about best environmental practices, the companies we celebrate today have become industry leaders for finding innovative, sustainable solutions to ongoing challenges,” says AWB President Don Brunell. “Research confirms that Washington state is one of the greenest states in the county, leading the way in everything from renewable resources to venture capital investments in clean projects. The companies we honor today further underscore that distinction and will help us grow our economy in new, innovative, and sustainable ways.”

StormwateRx designs, manufactures and installs stormwater treatment systems for industrial sites across the United States and Canada. The company also has developed a series of best practices and ideal product configurations that address the unique environmental concerns of different industries and help companies met environmental benchmarks.

“We are honored to receive this award from the AWB,” says Calvin Noling, president and CEO of StormwateRx, LLC. “Winning an Environmental Excellence award in the state of Washington, while also seeing one of our customers receive honors for their own environmental leadership, holds particular significance for us.”

With a number of environmentally sensitive areas, major waterways, and a relatively high amount of annual rainfall, the state of Washington has implemented some of the most protective stormwater benchmarks in North America. StormwateRx has more than 30 installations in Washington alone, with the capacity to treat five million gallons of polluted Washington stormwater per day. These systems are removing thousands of pounds of toxic pollutants each year to protect Puget Sound and other Washington waterways.

Formed in 1904, the Association of Washington Business is Washington’s oldest and largest statewide business association. Each year the AWB recognizes member companies for their initiative, innovation,and outstanding achievements in environmental compliance, protection, and conservation. The Environmental Excellence Awards are presented in conjunction with the AWB Spring Meeting in Spokane.

StormwateRx, LLC manufactures stormwater filtration and treatment systems for industrial sites. Products include the Clara settling system, Retenu roughing filter, Aquip stormwater filtration system, and Purus stormwater polishing system. More information can be found at www.stormwaterx.com.