Tom Gibson, P.E. recently became a Certified Recycling Professional through the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP), a trade group that promotes recycling in Pennsylvania. To attain this certification, a candidate must complete four Continuing Education Units (CEUs), equivalent to 40 hours, and pass an examination. The CEUs come through seminars and classes on various aspects of recycling and composting sponsored by PROP in conjunction with Penn State University Altoona and taught by experts in the industry. Gibson recently passed his test at PROP’s annual conference in Wilkes-Barre.
According to Gibson, “Beyond the fact I have a passion for recycling and sustainability, expertise in recycling complements the services I offer as a consulting mechanical engineer in several ways.” For starters, it helps in designing equipment used to sort and process recycled materials. As a specialist in green building, Gibson can research, specify, design, and procure recycled and salvaged materials to use for building projects and assist with recycling construction and demolition waste. When it comes to product design, knowledge of recycling allows him to design products that use recycled materials and disassemble easily to facilitate recycling.
PROP places strong emphasis on composting under the realm of recycling; Gibson also designs piping systems and specifies blowers for aerated static pile composting systems. This form of composting is gaining prominence because it offers greater production than conventional methods and provides a means of odor control.
Based in Milton, PA, Tom Gibson, P.E. is a licensed consulting mechanical engineer specializing in machine design, product design, and green building. His areas of green building expertise include energy conservation, renewable energy such as solar and geothermal, water use reduction, rainwater harvesting, graywater plumbing systems, and procuring local and salvaged/recycled building materials. Gibson also designs aeration systems for composting facilities, working with Coker Composting & Consulting in Vinton, VA. In addition, Gibson works as a freelance writer specializing in technology and sustainability and publishes Progressive Engineer, an online magazine. For more information, visit