America’s manufacturing industry has been hit hard over the last few years, a result
of the economic recession and an increase in the outsourcing of these types of jobs. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs available throughout the nation, and many top employers are having trouble finding skilled workers to fill those positions.

According to the job site, some of the most popular manufacturing jobs available are for assemblers, engineers, CNC specialists and managers. Certain states are hiring more manufacturing employees than others. Aside from the largest states, those in the Midwest that are historically known as manufacturing hubs are looking to rebuild that reputation.

The top 10 states for manufacturing jobs on include:

1. California – 42,377
2. Texas – 32,386
3. Illinois – 17,290
4. New York – 14,790
5. Ohio – 14,753
6. Pennsylvania – 14,211
7. Michigan – 12,381
8. Florida – 12,167
9. Washington – 11,736
10. Massachusetts – 11,166

California (1.2 million), Texas (810,000), and Ohio (619,000) currently employ the most people in manufacturing. As a nation, we have actually begun adding jobs in this sector
since 2010 after several years of a decline in the manufacturing industry.